• White Denim Jacket with Floral Embroidery


    Step into the sunshine with this immaculate white denim jacket, a stunning canvas for the embroidered blossoms that adorn its sheer sleeves. Ideal for spring's renewal and summer's peak, this jacket boasts a festival of florals in a myriad of colors, bringing life to any ensemble. The classic denim construction, complete with flap pockets and silver-toned buttons, is refreshed by the raw, frayed edges and the intricate floral embroidery, offering a perfect balance between edge and elegance. This jacket offers endless styling possibilities: layer it over a maxi dress to add a touch of edginess to a feminine look, or combine it with high-waisted shorts and a tank top for an effortlessly chic, casual outfit. The sheer sleeves provide a light layer for those breezy days, while the cropped cut ensures it pairs beautifully with the high-rise silhouettes popular in warmer weather.